Do you take your dog on road trips?

Do you take your dog on road trips?

Who doesn't like to take a road trip whether it's cross country, to the mountains, or the beach. It's an awesome time to pack up some necessities and leave your cares behind, but what about your pooch? You could of course leave her or him at home and arrange for someone to watch them, or you could send Fido to doggy camp and worry the whole time that you are gone!

Don't you think that your best friend wants to be with you? That's a great idea, right? Ok so gather all their favorite toys, snacks, food etc. and put them in some make-shift container and you are off!

If only it was that easy right? What if there was some sort of line of luggage for our furry companions? Well now there is!

Shop My Mo's has partnered with a company from New York that manufactures and distributes dog luggage! We just introduced this line recently with more to come! 

Check out the Dine Away Bag which will carry everything necessity for the traveling pup!

With this luggage line for pups large or small you can carry their food, water bowl, food spoon and more! They are very stylish too!



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