Don’t become a statistic, useful tips to escape your vehicle.

Don’t become a statistic, useful tips to escape your vehicle.

It sounds like one of those things, “that will never happen to me” getting trapped in a vehicle happens a lot more than you would ever imagine!

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that an average of more than 300 vehicle occupants die in submersion type crashes each year, Florida leads the nation in such deaths.

If you are trapped in a submerged vehicle you have less than a minute to survive, as reported by Collier County Sheriff's department in Naples, Fla.

Don’t become a statistic! Always prepare yourself for the what-if scenarios. The number one place to start your homework is in your vehicles owners manual, yes the owners manual, you know the thing in your glove box that looks brand new, no matter the age of your car! Your vehicles owners manual not only tells you about proper tire pressure, it also tells you of the important safety features in your car.

Even if you have read every manual, when these situations happen it’s still easy to panic! The number one thing is, don’t panic! Ask yourself if you happen to become trapped, what do you do?

If you are trapped you can use your cellphone, but what if your cellphone does not work? A handy little gadget is the “Car Escape Hammer” - It’s a simple concept and easily hooks on your key ring. It also has a seat belt cutter, just imagine being trapped and trying to fen-angle that little seatbelt release button!

We hope that you never find yourself in this situation, but it’s always best to be prepared.


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