For the Love of a Dog

For the Love of a Dog

Where to begin? Why am I telling this story? Mo, who was Mo? Mo was a special dog who came into our lives by chance. We hear today of people rescuing dogs, but Mo did not come into our lives as defined by that term. Do we think he was rescued? 100%, do I think he rescued us? 100%!!!

You see Mo was sort of a hand me down, but with each passing he came with a story. Mo originally was a morning show side-kick where his on-air name was Mohamed Laser, after retiring from radio Mo became an avid camp dog at Sandy Beach Family Campground in Contoocook, NH. At Sandy Beach is where our family was introduced. During that time I was a wedding dj with Locomotion DJ Productions, and at one particular event in Westford, MA my wife called and said "Hun I found a dog" and my reply was simply "hun we don't need a dog" boy was I wrong! The story goes that a bunch of camp friends, my family, and my parents all piled into a truck to visit a site where Mo was yet again being passed on. This time Mo hit the jackpot and so did we!


You could not, not love Mo! He and I would go on morning adventures to get coffee and hit up some yard sales (pictured is Mo with some yard sale beads that he just had to have lol) back at camp, Mo would lay in the sun at his favorite spot. His favorite spot was a cocktail bar on our deck which we named simply Mo's Place..

Mo resided with us in Dracut, MA for about 5yrs until cancer stole him from his. Mo's story does not end there though. Many years later we cannot finish a story without talking about Mo!

Mo's Place

In our backyard we have a Tiki Bar built in his memory, of course named Mo's Place! In the years following Mo's passing we have had festivals with guests close to 200 simply called Mo Fest. Those who live in the Boston area are familiar with radio station WZLX well the morning crew Karlson & McKenzie did a show one time from Mo's Place!

WZLK Karlson & McKenzie

As you read, you get the sense of how special Mo was to us, our family and friends! His memory just continues to grow and grow from our radio station Mo's Place Radio to our online store Shop My Mo's.

What do we hope to accomplish here? Of course we'd like to you to listen to come great music, or buy something from our store, but more so we invite you to tell stories of your fur babies whether they are a dog, cat, horse, pig, whatever. Let's hear them!

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I will never forget the night Uncle Jimmy drove the truck with the bunch of us in the back to visit Mo for the first time. After that night everything else was destiny. ❤

Don Spinney

Mo was by far the best dog. He will forever have a special place in so many hearts


Best dog ever no one can compare

Patricia Houle

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