The Jimmy Buffett, Parrothead, Tailgate Parking lot Party!

The Jimmy Buffett, Parrothead, Tailgate Parking lot Party!

Any true Jimmy Buffett fan will tell you that the pre-concert parking lot party is like no other! The Parrothead Tailgate party is not just a place to park your vehicle, but it's a way of life that turns every parking lot where Jimmy is playing into a mini-city aka Margaritaville!

Many tailgate parties for sporting events and other entertainers seem to all be modeled after a Jimmy Buffett Parking lot Party! The fans will show up in all sorts of decor, you'll see everything from a bus decorated as a pirate ship, shark fins secured to cars, ice luges, grass skirts, pickup truck beds turned into swimming pools, volcanoes and so much more!

If you attend one of these events, bring your thirst and your appetite! The Parrotheads are a very friendly and giving group! Your going to find some of the best grilled recipes and of course the best margaritas!

There is so much to see, too much to list, but If you want you can mark your own territory and let the flock visit you, but why not venture out and experience everything the parking lot has to offer? 

Venturing through a Jimmy Buffett parking lot is worth the ticket admission itself, but how do you get from one end to the other with your mobile party? The parking lot is not small, it's a hike and provisions are necessary (water, gatorade, snacks, or maybe your own Margarita mix are required!). You should also bring your own chair! I said the Parrotheads are a giving bunch, but don't show up to the party empty handed!

Sounds like a great time right? I'm sure you're saying, yes!! I want to go! but how can I conveniently travel this music filled community in comfort? Well you are going to need a bag to carry your stuff, a cooler, and a chair. I know, the hell with that!! I'll just stay in my spot, but wait! What if there was a way to have a backpack, cooler, and a chair all in one?

You know what? There is!! and we have them at Shop My Mo's - This ingenious contraption seems to be straight out of a Jimmy Buffett lyric. Let us introduce you to the Parrothead Party Packin' Cooler Chair!

Fin's Up! We'll see you at the party!



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