Our Story

An open letter from owners Bonnie and Ernie Houle. Thank you so much for getting this far! It's so difficult to get people to trust you these days, but let me stress that our website, our store, Shop My Mos is as honest as they get! Most of you know Bonnie and myself by spending time with us at our home, friends homes, around town and at Mo's Place, but for those who don't, I thank you for taking the time to read our story.

Myself and Bonnie have a love for family, friends, animals and social gatherings (sometimes Bonnie more than I lol), but honestly we treasure the people in our lives and the support that they have shown us over the years. It's not often that the love that you share for a dog turns into a way of life! This is exactly what happened with our love for Mo!

Mohamed Laser or Mo as we came to know him was a one of a kind Black Lab, Whippet mix. Mo had quite the life before we came to know him. He was an on-air radio personality out of Connecticut. In his later years he became quite a homebody at Sandy Beach RV Resort in Contoocook, NH. Sandy Beach is where we met Mo and made him a part of our family. Mo would lay all day in the sun at a spot on our site come to be known as Mo's Place.

Unfortunately Mo is no longer with us, but in his memory we have built a family friendly tiki bar called of course Mo’s Place, where you will also find a yearly event called Mo Fest that we put on for family and friends with bands, bounce houses and more! We have also started an internet streamed radio station called Mo’s Place Radio, so why not start a store in his name? This is where Shop My Mo's comes in!

Shop My Mo's is a real online store (not some spammy, scam, sell your information kind of online presence), At Shop My Mo’s we are looking to offer some of the most interesting items found online, in our travels, suggestions from friends, family, or a local vendor who is just trying to get the word out about their fabulous product or idea. 

Remember the days of browsing a Service Merchandise or a Sears catalog? That was an innocent, curious, fun time, right?? The internet does not have that any more, so with Mo’s and your help this is our best attempt!

We are of course offering dog products, but we don't want to be known solely as a pet supply store. At Shop My Mo's you'll find everything from Alarm Clocks to Zip Lock Bags. We are also currently talking with a local dog bakery, CBD company and jewelry maker. We feel dealing with the local community is best for everyone!

We welcome you to browse, and hopefully be making a purchase. Come grow with Shop My Mo’s, we can only thrive with your support!

Thank You from 

Bonnie and Ernie Houle

Owners of Shop My Mo’s