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Retractable Wooden Stick Marshmallow Stick Grill Fork

Retractable Wooden Stick Marshmallow Stick Grill Fork

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There's nothing quite like roasting your own marshmallows over an open flame. Sure, whittling a point on a stick fresh from a tree sounds like it could be fun, but it’s a whole lot easier—and possibly safer—to use a marshmallow roasting stick that’s made for the task. Whether the goal is s'mores or just hot, melty marshmallows, there are plenty of useful and attractive sticks that can make marshmallow roasting the perfect experience, whether you’re in the backyard or at a camping site.


Product Information:

Product Category: BBQ Fork
Material: stainless steel length 31cm, retractable to 82cm, default 8 pieces
Specifications: drawstring non-woven bag (8 pieces), zipper twill canvas bag (8 pieces)

Packing List:

BBQ Fork* 8 pieces

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